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Occasional Details

I imagine all Catholic kids recall some specific details from their First Communion years and years down the road--the shoes, the dresses and ties, the gifts of Rosaries and prayer books. And cake!

I had the honor of capturing First Communion photos at St. Joseph Catholic Church in South Lyon, MI, and I hope I helped those children and their families hold onto those details even more.

In addition to documenting some significant moments during Mass, including each child receiving the sacrament, twelve families signed their children up for individual mini sessions with me beforehand. I had a blast getting to know these kids who are very close in age to my own.

While my participation in this event was coordinated by the church, I am eager to do similar work for individual families as needed. First Communion time may be passing for the year, but I am available for baptisms, cap and gown sessions, and various other occasions for which the details deserve to be captured.

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