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Leap Year

When 2018 arrived, the inspiration to start a business had not yet surfaced in my heart. As it turns out, this has been a sort of personal "leap" year. With the support of my loved ones, an ongoing drive to learn and grow, and some attentiveness to my own joy and creativity, I grabbed hold of my camera and jumped into some unknowns.

The holiday cards that my family and I received over the last month or so have filled me not only with warmth for the dear friends who sent them but also with pride as many shared their glad tidings amid photos that I had taken for them this year. Each time I opened another envelope to be greeted with an image that I had captured, I was reminded at the end of this year that a remarkable lot can happen in 365 days when you are ready to listen to your heart.

Of course, I was also struck by the fact that my friends are wonderfully adorable!

Looking into this next year I am excited to do some engagement sessions, to capture more senior portraits, and to snuggle some newborn babies into some dreamy first photographs. I can't wait to get back out into the parks with families and to design some mini-sessions throughout the changing seasons.

I eagerly look forward to more time with you and your dear ones, documenting the everyday beauty among you.

Best wishes to all in 2019!

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