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Oh, the weather outside is...

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

While today in southeastern Michigan the weather is quite nice--80ish degrees, no rain at the moment, gentle breezes carrying little showers of leaves to the ground--we know what's coming after this lovely fall.

While I'm still booking outdoor sessions in the autumn colors this month (only a few openings left!), and I am designing sessions specifically for holiday card photos into November, I've been preparing for the inevitable freeze.

You may have seen the images of the photos that I took of the sweetest little one year old recently.

That session took place on a rainy morning. Thankfully, we were able to move what was intended to take place outdoors into a cozy little play room. I put up my white paper, attached banners from the previous day's 1st birthday party, and we were off. It made the clean-up from her cake smash photos pretty simple as well! With the natural light from a nearby window, a little help from my Speed Light, and those bright little eyes, that gloomy day outside was forgotten.

While I would be happy to host a photo session in my home (that's my dining room above), one of my goals with my studio set-up is that it be portable. With the gear that I have, I am able to bring a space like this into a home for a newborn, cake smash, milestone, head shot session, or the like. I know with little ones especially, the time and preparation needed just to get from one location to another can be a daunting challenge. Let me save you the trouble!

All I need is about 100 square feet of open space and about 10 minutes to set up. A nice big window to the side would be ideal.

While the pictures here are floral and traditionally feminine, there is plenty that can be done with a white backdrop for baby boys, Halloween, Christmas, and so on, and I love that challenge!

If gathering your whole family up for a session outdoors is not in the cards for you this season, and what you are looking for is maybe just some photos of your little one(s) with a simple but charming background, I can make that happen...any month of the year.

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