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Six Months In!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

It's been half a year since I shared with the world the creation of Carrie Liberty Photography. Before I launched in July, I had spent weeks offering sessions to friends, building my website, researching taxes and insurance, and getting mentally prepared for a new challenge and a new layer to my identity.

After I posted my announcement on Facebook back in the summer, I sat back on my bed next to Mike, and took a deep breath. I exhaled to immediate likes and comments, heartfelt encouragement, and a few of my first paid sessions in the making. I honestly had never experienced anything like that before. I made a scary, vulnerable jump, and was caught instantly with enthusiasm by friends and loved ones.

At this point it is such a joy to scroll back through Instagram or hunt for one of my earlier professional photos and to see how already I have captured a wide variety of events, subjects, and relationships.

I've documented family connections...'s milestones...

...and young ones on their constant way to a little bit older.

It makes me so excited for the next six months!

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